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Techniques that will enable potential patients to easily find your Web site on the Internet.

Mayer A. Levitt, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.

Excerpted from his Mayer’s Message column in The Madow Brothers Monthly online dental newsletter

In April, my article discussed the merits of two techniques that will enable potential patients to easily find your Web site on the Internet. Whether you choose a pay-per-click program or a search engine optimization program or a combination of both, once someone finds your Web site, you still have a lot of work left to do to convert a Web visitor into a paying patient.

Supposedly – and I have no idea how these statistics are generated – a typical visitor to your site will spend no more than 15 seconds before they switch to another site unless they find the information that they are searching for. So here are some recommendations to help you distinguish your site from others and maybe tantalize this potential patient into calling for an appointment.

Next month I will conclude this series on internet marketing with an article about how to speak and what to say to potential patients who call your office from your Web site. If you have spent all this time, effort, and money designing an attractive Web site, positioning it, and driving patient traffic to it, the front desk staff has to be proficient in converting patient calls into patient appointments.

Dr. Levitt has been a great friend of The Madow Group for many years, and is one of the best resources for practice management efficiency tips in dentistry. He is the president of Jodena Consulting, offering personalized advice for business and practice management since 1989.

Dr. Levitt also trains successful dentists who are at, or near the end of their clinical careers to become consultants in their area of the country. For more information, call him at (401) 421-3615, email him at jodena.levitt@gmail.com.

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