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Marketing Help as an Added Benefit

January 17, 2017

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I don’t usually write updates on companies or vendors so soon after an initial recommendation. I wrote a post about Revenue Well in June 2016. Yet I continue to hear really wonderful feedback on their performance. They deliver their basic product extremely well. That product could be divided into three main areas.

• Appointment confirmation by telephone, text, email, or postcard.

• Reactivation of patients overdue for continuing care.

• Individualized email reminders for diagnosed but un-scheduled dental treatment. Because Revenue Well can read the treatment code in your dental practice management software, these emails can be specifically tailored for the procedure and can also be enhanced by links to videos that describe the treatment. Pretty impressive.

What I also hear about is their ongoing commitment to customer service and customer support. These are the intangibles that in a busy world you might not expect. I have to believe that this commitment is directly tied into their business model. Revenue Well – unlike the majority of their competitors – works on a month to month basis with no guaranteed one or two year contract. If they don’t perform at a high level, they can get fired!

Revenue Well is also very determined to be your marketing partner. They do a great job of creating content that is already in blog and social media format or could easily be converted. So you can incorporate this well-written material directly to your website and/or your Facebook Page in order to help maintain or improve organic search results on Google. Much of the content is seasonal or holiday related and thus can be used appropriately as I am suggesting for proms, graduations, Valentines, Christmas etc. This can all be geared towards engaging a doctor’s patient base in the right way at the right time.

Revenue Well maintains a talented customer support team with answers to questions and solutions to problems. They have accumulated a huge database of analytics so they can advise on what is working and what is not. Please call my friend Kelly Larson at 612-859-3684 to schedule a demo or to get answers to any questions you might have.


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